"Picture sense" in stage lighting(1)


The large-scale costume myth drama "Dragon Love" was produced by the Opera Theatre of Pingdingshan City Drama Research Center. After several months of repeated polishing, it was finally put on the stage and participated in the 8th Yellow River Drama Festival. It received good social response and strong resonance from the audience. The simple and flexible stage design and the use of clean and atmospheric lighting won unanimous praise from the judges and the audience. The use of lighting in the drama "Dragon Love" is based on the requirements of the script, combined with the creative intentions of the director and the stage beauty, etc., through different artistic treatments and technical practical operations to recreate, releasing a mysterious, simple and pleasant artistic charm. The artistic effect it produces has promoted the development of the plot very well.


Stage lighting art and painting art are both visual art, and many theories and technical methods of painting art are also applicable to stage lighting design. The background (set) on the stage, large-scale props, stage design installations, costumes and other opera elements are organically combined through light to form a three-dimensional space. In this space, the light and shade, color, position and direction of the light are used. To construct the scene transformation, narrative guidance, and the "feelings", "artistic conception" and "inner feelings" of the characters in this scene, and present them in front of the audience.
Leonardo da Vinci said: "Shadow is the expression of the object and its shape." "If there is no shadow, the object cannot transmit the quality of its shape to perception." Shadow is a profound and rich expression of the mood and atmosphere of the stage. Spatial effects, three-dimensional stage modeling, etc., play an important role. Therefore, in order to highlight the spiritual pursuit and unyielding character of Liu Lei, the main character of the dragon clan, in this play, according to the characteristics of the plot, a light and shadow are specially used for Liu Lei to give the audience a more intuitive vision. Convey, thereby guiding the audience to deepen their exploration and curiosity about the play.
For example, the first scene of "Dragon Love" is accompanied by the opening music of "There is a dragon Chengrui, Fuxi Kaiyuan. It is like a flowing cloud, and the dragon soars for nine days. The blue dragon rises, the phoenix nirvana. The dragon and the phoenix join the wall, the auspiciousness is boundless!" The stone gate slowly opened, and Liu Lei of Liu Longshi slowly walked from the stage canopy pool...In this scene, the sky curtain light was used to project an amber color with LED floodlights, and the brightness was 25%; the main light source was LED spotlights. , The color temperature is 3200k, the aperture is the largest, the light is projected from the rear, and the thin smoke is released in front of the character, which lengthens the light and shadow of the character, and more clearly reflects the light and shadow effect of the character and the sense of distance from far to near, and from ancient times A sense of heaviness when walking; besides the stone gate and above the stone beams, stone statues, vines, etc., and some ancient symbols are looming faintly. The combination of these elements constitutes a beautiful silhouette picture.


The Yue Opera "Peach Blossom Fan" designed by Mr. Zhou Zhengping has a simple and exquisite stage design. The main background is also line drawing buildings full of Chinese elements, residual lotus, window lattices, etc., presenting a balance between elegance and grace. Its lighting Combining the freehand spirit of Chinese opera and the lyrical style of Yue opera, the design concept is expressed in a different way through artistic and technical means.
In the lighting design of the third scene of "Dragon Love", the lighting method of "Peach Blossom Fan" by Zhou Zhengping was used for reference. After Liu Lei of the Dragon clan met Zhongliang on the way to escape, the two of them vowed to be married and negotiated to live in the depths of Yaoshan... The end of this scene is a wedding on the way to escape. When Liu Lei and Yun Complete the last scene of the scene when he boarded the elevator platform to worship the moon. In this scene, the arrangement of the lighting Cue first considers the time and geographical environment of the scene. In terms of time, because the play mentions, “fleeing for long nights, wading through mountains and water, shoes worn through” and “taking advantage of time” are mentioned in the play. It’s not dawn, I want to take the dragon into the mountain.” It means that the time is at night, and the location is mentioned in the play as “this is the foot of Yao Mountain”, so the time and place are explained; then, I will ponder the background of the scene. . This scene is a storyline that happened along the road after Liu Lei fled from the Xia Palace ingeniously in order to protect Qinglong. Therefore, the main lighting tone of this scene is gloomy, nervous, and fearful. When Liu Lei and Yuner flew to worship the moon, the changes in lighting changed with Liu Lei’s mood. From the initial nervousness and fear to full of joy and hope, for this reason, in Liu Lei Yuner In the moon worship scene, from near to far, from the middle area of the stage to the top of the lifting platform, I cut the light path with a 1400 cutting lamp, which symbolizes walking toward hope and toward light, and walks with Liu Lei and Yun'er hand in hand.



After the top of the lifting platform, the light path is gradually closed. Only sky curtain light, reflection light and ambient light are left. The stage canopy is the view of Mount Yao. The canopy itself is the dark blue starry sky and the night view of Mount Yao. In the middle, a 3m×3m full moon light box is hoisted, and the highest position of the elevator platform in the rear area just drags the full moon. Therefore, the sky row uses 108 LED floodlights, the color is dark blue, the brightness is 20%, and the ground-reversed 108 LED floodlights, the color is light blue, the brightness is 10%, and the side streamer uses 1400 dyeing lights, the color is rose red, Spread evenly on the back of the actor to add a bunch of rose-red contour light to the silhouette effect. At the same time, dry ice is used to pour down the steps from the elevator platform, adding to the beauty of the moon worship scene, and also clearly expressing Liu Lei, Yuner's joy of being married.