The relationship between stage lighting and stage space performance (2)


The freehand space layout of the stage is relatively ethereal, and the performance of the stage is mainly through light beams and light curtains, and sometimes chasing light is used. Various lighting modeling methods set off stage space performances, from static to dynamic changes, which not only strengthen the shape of the stage performance space, but also promote and enhance the character’s psychological space performance and prompts, making it ethereal The effect of stage performance produces changeable temporal and spatial changes. The tacit cooperation between the stage lighting and the stage performance has enhanced the profound connotation of the story. Therefore, stage lighting designers are required to have the knack for controlling the lights in the performance space. It is easier to shape the separation effect of stage space performances, and the continuous updating of stage lighting makes stage lighting far superior to the expressive power of scenery in performance creation. The stage performance constantly reflects the stage atmosphere of the life scene in the background of the times by lighting.


The freehand brushwork of lighting is the same as the stage performance. It is not fixed on one action. They are mutually complementary and integrated, but they differ in their performance in the transformation of time and space. The lighting and stage performance are an integral relationship. With the progress of the performance, the atmosphere of the stage lighting changes continuously, and the color design in the lighting has a decisive influence on the atmosphere of the stage space performance. According to different space environments and costumes, as well as props and moving sceneries in the play, they all play a role in enhancing the effect of the scene. The colors shown prompt people to make associations.


According to the needs of stage space performances, different colors represent different psychological feelings. The use of red light can make people feel vitality, enthusiasm, justice, and romantic expressions of love. This kind of light is expressed in love and revolutionary themes. The use of yellow light to represent power, majesty, religion, etc. is reflected in court drama performances. Green brings hope to people, gives life a vigorous, full of life and sunshine. The cool blue color gives people sadness and a quiet psychological effect. The performance of these stage lights has a sublimation effect on the stage space performance. The use of each light must serve the development of the plot, which fully reflects the artistic effect of the stage. In the contemporary stage lighting creation, these are inseparable from the stage performance space and complement each other. Stage lighting is a very artistic and technical artistic re-creation, so that the stage space performance can reach a beautiful state of form. Stage lighting plays an important role in rendering and contrast in stage space performances. Each plot, the characteristics of the times, the changes in time and space, the psychological activities of the characters, and the expression of emotions rely on stage lighting to create atmospheric effects. In today's society, the development of lighting technology is entering our stage performance space like bamboo shoots. The innovation of stage lighting requires continuous learning and exploration by lighting workers, fully grasping the cultural and historical background and the details of stage space performances, enriching and improving themselves . Innovate stage lighting according to the needs of different stage space performances, and fully understand the relationship between stage lighting and stage space performances. In the context of the new era, to adapt stage lighting and stage space performances to the development of the times, we lighting workers should continue to work hard.