The "picture sense" in stage lighting (2)


How can a play impress the audience? On the one hand, it is the plot with ups and downs, on the other hand it is the beautiful melody, the magnificent stage production, and the exquisite costume props, etc. The most intuitive way is to combine these artistic elements with lighting techniques and technical means. The audience leaves a piece of exquisite stage art pictures in the minds of the audience, and then connect these beautiful pictures, and combine them with beautiful melody, wonderful singing and elegant body performances, etc., these pictures will "live", in this way, Can directly impress the audience.


"Light is the life of the colorful world, without light, there is no colorful world." Light can show the level of time and space, the changes in the inner world of the characters, and set off the atmosphere of the performance on the stage. Combining the position, direction, color, contrast of light and darkness, etc., can form different stage effects. Combining different application methods of lighting will produce different artistic display effects. Only the use of stage lighting can be penetrated into the artistic performance. In order to present a variety of dramatic stage effects. The fifth scene of "Dragon Love", in the depths of Yaoshan fifteen years later. Gu Mu Sensen, waterfalls and springs, sky high, clouds light, birds whispering and flowers scent... This scene is about Liu Lei who has lived in seclusion in the depths of Mount Yao for fifteen years, and years of concealment have transformed him from a young man to a middle-aged man. Man, from Liu Lei's lyrics, "Wind and rain are ruthless, people are righteous, family affection melts away the haze", it can be seen that Liu Lei's mind has become more mature and stable. There are not many changes in the Cue scene of this scene. It mainly shows Liu Leiyi, Bo Yuntian, swears to protect the dragon, and the scene of family harmony and harmonious life with the dragon. In this scene, too many lighting changes will affect the plot.



Destroy the screen. Although there are not many changes in this scene, the levels should be clear. At the beginning of the Cue field, it is necessary to show the early morning river surface, surrounded by fog, and the Yaoshan towering in the distance. Liu Lei played in the totem song in front of the stage canopy, and punted out against the sunrise. This Cue, the sky curtain light is used. Light blue, brightness 20%, the main light source at the end of the field from the rear side streamer gives white light to the performance area in front of the sky screen, brightness 80%,The rear side stream 1 dyed light superimposed on orange and yellow, the brightness is 40%; the upper side streamer light blue and white light, the brightness is 30%; the lower side port has 4 backside beam lights, which sprinkle mottled beams on the platform. Together with the mist, it constitutes an ethereal picture of Liu Lei’s boating on the river in the morning and singing.
There are actually many shortcomings in the lighting design and actual operation of "Dragon Love". Among them, the use of color, too much emphasis on color, and loses the unity and echo of the whole play's picture, and even destroys and Many regrets have been left to the creation of the "situation".


With the progress of the times, people’s requirements for viewing traditional operas are getting higher and higher, and stage lighting is getting more and more attention from the audience. In the changing space of the stage, in order to create an atmosphere and dress up the performance space, With the changes in the plot and "situation" of the script and the changes in the performance space, the lighting has added artistic attributes, so that the lighting has become an indispensable element of stage art in the drama.
Art needs innovation, but the pursuit of art and dedication needs to be passed on. The "picture sense" of stage lighting construction requires countless times of practice to achieve. Only by studying professional technical theories, improving cultural literacy, cultivating cultural sentiment, and absorbing the essence of the works of famous masters, can we bring our excellent traditions to life. Cultural inheritance, innovation and development continue.