The so-called lighting here is the abbreviation of stage lighting, also known as "stage lighting". It is one of the means of stage art modeling.


The lighting lamps, slides, computer lights, voice controlled lights, laser lights and other equipment and technical means in the stage lighting are used to display the environment, render the atmosphere and highlight the central characters with light color changes, so as to create a sense of space and time on the stage, shape the external image of the stage performance, and provide necessary effects such as wind, rain, lightning, cloud and water. The creation of stage lighting art requires skilled technology, which is the foundation and guarantee.


Because lighting art involves knowledge of electricity, geometry, mechanics, light source, lamps, dimming control, computer application and so on, you can't be competent for lighting work without mastering these technologies.

As stage art is a comprehensive art, it is a system engineering including editing, directing, performance, sound, beauty and other departments. Lighting is a subsystem of these system engineering. It not only has independent art rules, but also obeys the requirements of the whole stage art system.


Therefore, the cooperation of each system and the understanding of each link of each system are of great significance to complete the whole lighting work and complete the overall ideal stage effect.

With the development of science and technology, modern stage lighting equipment has been developed continuously. It brings a new spring to the stage effect and plays an important role in enriching and perfecting the stage effect.

Here is my experience in stage lighting work.

Stage lighting is an important means to create a dramatic atmosphere. The task of stage lighting is not only lighting, but also to enhance the performance and appeal of actors. It plays a unique role in expressing time, season and enhancing the three-dimensional and spatial sense of the scene.

No matter how perfect the stage design is, how appropriate the costume design is, and how excellent the actor's performance is, once the lighting does not conform to the plot, the environment, and the character, the stage effect will become a failure, and the performance effect will surprise people.


This requires us stage lighting workers to pay attention to the following aspects in their work:

1. Stage lighters should understand drama literature.

First of all, we should be familiar with the script, deeply understand the author's creative intention, understand the deep meaning, understand the director's creative thinking and techniques, grasp the tone of the script, and then carry out artistic creation.

When completing the lighting work of the whole program, we should adjust the operation procedures and effects of stage lighting with the development and change of the plot, the performance of the actors, the emotions, inner changes and language of the actors.

2. Stage lighters should understand painting.

Painters use color to express their emotions, light and images to express the form and charm of objects and images, and reproduce life. The stage lighting is to express emotion and freehand brushwork with light and color. Without the basis of painting and relevant knowledge and the intelligence of using color, we can't master the performance and combination effect of various colors, and we can't properly use lighting creation.

3. Stage lighting workers should understand music.

Music is the art of time and hearing. Lighting workers should be able to understand the music language and understand the music works, so as to match the appropriate light color with the change of music, and change the light intensity, brightness, strength and direction with the change of mood of the works. Thus, the audience can further understand the scene specified by the music in the unconscious light changes, and obtain a real artistic feeling in the integrated melody of sound, light and color.

4. Learn with an open mind and keep up with the pace of the times.

Learn and update the professional technical knowledge of stage lighting, learn to apply new equipment, new processes and new products, and improve the stage effect in use practice.

In short, I think as a literary and artistic worker in the new era, we should keep pace with the times, develop and innovate constantly. Only in this way can we apply high-tech lights such as laser technology to stage effects in the era of electronic technology, so as to stimulate the development and innovation of the whole dance beauty.