On the artistic beauty of stage lighting


The forms of beauty are diverse, which can be roughly divided into two categories: realistic beauty and artistic beauty.

This paper will elaborate the artistic beauty of stage lighting in drama, song and dance.


1、 Stage lighting presents the beauty of stage art

"Beauty" is the resource of beauty. When people find beauty and examine it, they produce beauty, which leads to emotional association.

1. Stage lighting creates a "beautiful" atmosphere

Without the existence of light, there is nothing in the world. This may be absolutely true. But without light, you can't see anything, that's for sure. The existence of light determines its own natural beauty and its unique beauty.

The same is true of stage lighting. It should not only make use of the natural beauty of light, but also create a unique "beauty" in art.

As a lighting designer, we should not only deeply understand the characteristics of light, but also study the modeling function of light and other artistic appeal and expression. A good dance design work, without the careful and meticulous conception of the lighting designer, the good combination of light and color, and the presentation and rendering of the scenery, will definitely not show aesthetic feeling in front of the audience.

With the participation of the artistic imagination of the lighting designers, the scene of the performance is sublimated and reflected artistically in the atmosphere created by the lighting, which can not only make people feel the beauty created by the artists in appreciation, but also make people have rich associations.

2. Stage lighting creates a beautiful artistic conception

The dynamic role of stage lighting equipped by modern science and technology in drama stage art and the whole drama has increasingly attracted the attention of people in the industry. It has become a unique means of expression and a unique artistic vocabulary in the drama complex - the creation of artistic conception of light. Once organically combined with the drama plot, it radiates immeasurable artistic charm.

Swiss stage artist Apia once said: light is the life of the stage, the blood of the stage and the reproduction of dance beauty. This thesis is constantly verified by practice. In modern drama performance, each play pursues a certain atmosphere and artistic conception on the whole.


2、 Stage lighting creates a sense of "beauty" in dramatic art
Drama art comes from life and is higher than life. The same is true of the artistic beauty presented by stage lighting. It comes from the beauty of real life and is the product of artists' creative work.

With the continuous development of drama, the creation of beauty has become the pursuit of every dance designer. In particular, lighting designers are more remarkable in the use of light and color, especially in highlighting the development of the plot, depicting characters and creating atmosphere.

1. Stage lighting - the soul of the stage

"Light" has been the main condition in all departments of stage art and performance conditions, and is recognized as "the soul of the stage".

If there is no elaborate and ingenious conception in the stage lighting design, and the light and color are well combined with the drama to set it off, no matter how good the script, the director and the beautiful modeling scenery are, there always seems to be something missing. At this time, people will feel the lack of "strength" of artistic expression. Just as the artist Apia said: light is the soul of the stage and the key to the soul. Only lighting can give the performer space to realize the three-dimensional value of activities; Only lighting can integrate the characters in the play with the surrounding atmosphere. Lighting can not only render the environmental atmosphere and create artistic conception, but also set off the characters and stimulate people's emotion. It plays an inestimable role in the scheduling and rhythm of the performance.

2. Stage lighting gives the role of emotional communication

The stage is not only the place for performers, but also the world for our lighting workers to express their artistic creation.

As an important part of dramatic art, stage expressiveness plays an active role in feeling, feeling and infection in the whole dramatic art, organizes the space of movement, displays the environmental atmosphere, reveals the connotation of drama and the hearts of characters, and is full of poetry and painting, the rhythm of music and the expression of its language.

Only through light can the stage lighting have a visual musical sense. The light that can bring rhythm changes to the stage lighting space is the soul on the stage.

Through the above aspects, it can be explained that stage lighting can show vitality and vitality with every beam of light, every light shadow and every small change, giving people a sense of beauty. Finally, a quote from Mr. Hu Miaosheng of the Chinese society of stage artists is quoted: "the end of the visual perception of the specific scenery does not mean the end of the artistic feeling, but leads to the appreciation into a profound understanding of thought and emotion." This is enough to illustrate the artistic charm of stage lighting in drama performance.