Special function of stage lighting


Drama is a comprehensive art, which integrates literature, director, music, performance and dance beauty. It needs the close cooperation of various departments. With the improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness and the development of modern science and technology, drama has been pushed to a new stage, and people have higher requirements for the drama stage. The role of stage lighting in this comprehensive art also shows its importance.


1、 Stage lighting is not an ordinary electrician

As a stage lighting worker, we must first master the general electrical theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability. In order to ensure the safe and normal performance under complex and difficult conditions, we must have excellent technology and adaptability. During the tour of the troupe, one performance place a day, loading, unloading, loading, performing and dismantling. Stage lighting work is very hard. We must seriously deal with each play and the dramatic atmosphere, and grasp the layout and changes of light and shade, color, rhythm and atmosphere, so as to make full use of lighting expression means to shape character images, set off the plot and express the theme. In the drama performance, if we say that we are only like electricians, we will finish as soon as the lights are hung, the lines are put, and the lights are on, without artistic treatment, and only play a role of lighting, it will seriously affect the performance effect, destroy the stage atmosphere, and weaken the charm of drama art.


2、 Stage lighting workers paint with light

In the past, many people thought that stage lighting was an electrician, that is, wiring, turning on lights and lighting up actors. Some even thought that stage lighting was a switch master. This is mainly because for a long time, many local and county-level troupes have performed in the countryside, and the performance conditions are very poor. In many places, there is no electricity, so they can not reflect the artistry and creativity of stage lighting. Now the times are different. As a lighting worker, it is very important to re create on the stage. First of all, we must master the four important issues of vision, realism, aesthetics and performance. Everyone has a love of beauty. A fashion designer uses cloth designs and colors to shape beauty; An artist who uses pigments or other materials to shape beauty. Stage lighting workers use light and color to shape beauty, that is, to paint with light, according to the plot, the director's treatment and the scene designed for dance beauty. No matter how good the actors, sets and costumes on the stage are, it is invalid without lights: first, there is nothing to see on the stage without lights; 2、 Artistic conception cannot be expressed without light for artistic rendering. For example, in the dance "embroidered red flag", there is only one platform on the stage and no other scenery. In order to shape the environmental atmosphere, I use the outline lamp and iron sheet to make iron windows, which are projected onto the stage with blue backlight to form the light and shadow of iron windows, which shows the environment of the cell at night. As soon as the audience sees it, sister Jiang and they are in prison. Therefore, lighting can shape the environment and create artistic conception, highlighting sister Jiang's heroic image in the face of the enemy, adding luster to the characters and the stage. On the contrary, improper lighting performance will destroy the performance mood and effect. As a truly qualified stage lighting worker, we should learn to draw with light. For example, when the storm is coming in the play "silver lock resentment", the sky is dark and the earth is stormy. Through the careful design of lights and sound effects, a very real and perfect picture is formed, which immediately brings the actors and audience into a specific environment. After the storm, the light changed into a sunny shape, making the audience feel relaxed and happy after the rain. This is the concrete embodiment of lighting work to make full use of lighting means to shape character images, render stage atmosphere and create artistic effects.


3、 The renewal and development of stage lighting equipment and concepts provide technical guarantee for stage art

It is often said that the world is a big stage and the stage is a small world. China's drama is moving towards an open, innovative and diversified model. In the process of dramatic innovation, dance beauty design plays a pioneering role. The dominance of realistic mode is first broken by stage art, which has higher and higher requirements for our lighting designers. In addition, with the rapid development of modern science and technology and the rapid change of numerical control technology, the lighting on the stage is controllable, which greatly strengthens the randomness of stage light domain cutting, light flow and color communication, The stage lighting has a musical visual flow. With the improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness and the development of modern science and technology, the quality requirements of stage lighting staff are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, stage lighting staff must strengthen their own professional learning and constantly enrich their knowledge structure, so as to greatly play the role of stage lighting.