The position and function of stage lighting in dance performance


Stage lighting serves the purpose of the play. It is a special form of artistic expression designed mainly according to the needs of the plot. As a complete choreographed dance art, the structure of dance art must include the important part of stage lighting. The existence of stage lighting not only makes the whole dance atmosphere more rich and realistic, but also emphasizes the charm of dance art.


1、 The position of stage lighting in dance art

With the rapid development of science and technology, contemporary dance art also continues to innovate, but the influence of stage lighting can not be ignored. Now it has become an important part of dance drama performance. Its existence should not only express the mood of dancers and render the atmosphere of the stage, but also highlight and shape characters more deeply. As its technology and art, lighting undertaking skills must be reflected in dance art in a more detailed way. However, when it exists as an auxiliary function in dance works, it is doomed that it is only a restrictive tool under a specific theme. After the emergence of the word "art", dance lighting plays a bridge role in contemporary dance, which is the technology and ability that technicians must have to manipulate the stage lighting at will to meet the current drama performance and achieve the final artistic effect. If only from the perspective of "state", the whole dance light flowing from it can be regarded as an auxiliary function, that is, to assist in the completion of the dance project. The main constituent material of this dance flow must be the superstructure in the position of the stage. However, over the years, in the process of developing dance works, state lamp dance has become a highly controversial issue. The essence of dance works is mostly reflected in the stage lighting, which should be the artistic expression of art assisted dance, rather than the theme that dance mainly tends to human body art. This practice of reversing the position of subject and object really makes people unable to avoid overwhelming doubt. This little creative work adds a lot of high-tech lighting elements. Does it also have a certain value? This is undoubtedly a worrying and headache.


2、 The role of stage lighting in dance art

(1) The effect of stage lighting on enriching the stage expression of actors

The gorgeous stage lighting provides a greater imagination space for all actors. Especially in the process of content and dance arrangement, the stage actors and lighting will be closer. They can be each other's props to reflect their own value. Of course, they can also deal with the wonderful performances in the external visual forms through their own inner psychological activities, so as to establish a better psychological emotion close to the plot for themselves. The content reflected by these psychological emotions paves the way for an actor who performs on the stage in performance clothes. The light and heat emitted by the lights they see and feel, the sound of the stage they hear, and even the voice of the people in the whole venue will have a psychological impact on them. These external phenomena arouse shocking imagination in the actor's own heart, so he will create a related psychological emotion, which in turn reflects the expression of his psychological emotion in the body, which can stimulate the internal potential of the body, and then achieve an effect with the best performance.

(2) The role of stage lighting artistic beauty in dance arrangement Engineering

"Beauty of artistic conception" is the ideal aesthetic standard of Chinese classical art. The aesthetic feeling of stage lighting art in dance art is a unique emotion that constitutes the most advanced illusory energy in a country. At the same time, it is also the specific expression of artistic aesthetics. The choreography of light is both virtual and real, which becomes the illusory power and the constituent material between dance works. The interpretation of the United States and the filling of American colors objectively reflect the virtual scene corresponding to the real society on the stage and render the atmosphere and special effects of the stage. Moreover, the stage lighting makes the whole screen look more three-dimensional, and also makes the stage look more ethereal and "artistic". All these effects have also formed an emotion for the whole work team. Each stage role is the complementarity of the virtuality and reality of dance art. In the process of dance performance, the director can use these lights to add appropriate lighting effects when entering the workplace or after analyzing the work, so as to make the boring work more perfect.


(3) The role of filling color in stage lighting engineering in dance arrangement

When a complete dance work is presented on the stage, the first impact of many audiences is the so-called "visual impact." This "visual impact" is to use the performance of "light" to make the colors on the whole stage more colorful. By adding scenery, props and changing the inherent color of clothing, the whole is more hazy and psychedelic. Of course, you can also get rid of the dependence on these props and become the color of motion in the space.

In short, although the technology of stage lighting will continue to increase with the continuous development of science and technology in the future, its important position in dance art can not be changed. This requires us to correctly control the stage lighting in the process of dance innovation in the future, grasp the use degree of lighting in dance works, and give full play to its value in a specific position.