On the integration of lighting and scenery in TV variety show (1)


With the rapid development of television industry, TV variety show, as a large-scale TV literature and art program, is unprecedentedly popular because of its flexible performance form and rich and colorful content. For the scenery and lighting of the stage of the variety show, they have been cooperating successfully and unsuccessfully, some of which are conscious, some are unconscious. However, the cooperation between conscious and unconscious brings different visual effects to the screen of TV variety show.


In the long history of drama development, some stage artists have long advocated the organic integration of light and scenery, Swedish stage artist Apia puts forward "comprehensive art whole": Czech stage artist Svoboda emphasizes the organic integration between stage design as "solidified music" and light flowing like music. Chinese American stage artist Mr. Li mingjue also emphasizes that "good cooperation between setting and lighting design must be achieved". It can be seen that the integration of light and scenery is an aesthetic principle that must be followed in the process of stage art creation. The stage of TV variety show should not only draw lessons from the stage style of drama, but also have the characteristics of TV art - variety. The stage of TV variety show needs to emphasize the organic integration of light and scene, which requires the light designer and art designer to have strong comprehensive artistic thinking ability, so as to organically combine the inspiration of individuality with the appearance of commonness.
With the unprecedented popularity of TV variety show, stage lighting technology and art materials have also been developed rapidly, but the artistic accomplishment and professional skills of the personnel engaged in TV lighting and art design are uneven, lack of comprehensive artistic thinking ability and independent. When they emphasize their own importance, they often have the embarrassing situation of "full scene" or "lighting demonstration meeting". Unintentionally exaggerating one's performance ability, not only can not accurately set off and play up the atmosphere of the scene, but also fight for the actors' performance space and destroy the integrity of the TV variety show. Therefore, the integration of lighting and scenery is an aesthetic principle that must be followed in the stage art creation of TV variety show.


1、 Integration is conducive to the formation of a unified style
"Style is the connotative moment of the sum of all language phenomena in art. It also involves a compulsive tendency to the extent that the latter is compatible with specialization "(de Adorno, aesthetic theory). The artistic style includes the theme of thought and also the style "(Hu Miaosheng, dramatic space full of symbols).
Because the style of light and scene is an important symbol of the formation of performance style, the integration of light and scene is conducive to the formation of a unified performance style, which requires that the design of light and scene must take the director's thought as the main line and the actor's performance as the center. In 2003, on the stage of "China South Korea Song friends association", the designer abandoned the traditional scene film - real scene, and replaced the scene film directly composed of lighting device and video device. The naked lamp and keel structure is consistent with the director's understanding and interpretation of modern pop music. Through the intersection of beams, the flow of patterns, the change of light color, and the flicker of light spots, The flowing scene film - "scenery" can better show the modern and rhythmic sense of music programs, and highlight the lighting and scenery designers' grasp of the whole performance style.
However, in some TV variety shows, a few computer lights are exposed in the realistic art scenes, shaking their heads and performing themselves. At the same time, the visual information provided by the naked lights is not consistent with the visual language of the whole scene, which destroys the atmosphere and artistic conception of the scene. We must not blindly and unilaterally pursue the lighting effect while learning from the dance beauty features of foreign concerts, It makes a certain artistic element dissociate from the whole performance style.


2、 Integration deepens the spiritual connotation of the program
Compared with drama stage design, TV variety show stage has no drama plot, era background and specific environment. So the design form is free and diverse, but it does not mean that the stage of the variety show does not have its own style and theme. The author does not agree that the stage design of a party has the possibility of sharing with other parties, especially in the theme party. There is a popular saying in the circle: "the most unsuccessful stage design scheme is that everything can be performed.". That is, there is no personality design. We can imagine the impression left by the stage of the Spring Festival Gala - the red lanterns and auspicious patterns create a festive, reunion, blessing and warm atmosphere: the five-star red flag, the national emblem and all the symbolic elements representing China on the 11th National Day give people joy, solemnity and holiness. It's not hard to imagine the embarrassment of the two parties sharing the same scene, but there is such a "design" in real work, which is nothing more than replacing the four words "Spring Festival party" with "National Day party".
The role of stage art in the variety show not only constructs a beautiful performance space for the show, but also deeply expresses the theme and spiritual connotation of the show. The integration of light and scenery is particularly important here. There are also some features of Neo realism. New realism has gone beyond the simple description of the material environment and turned to expression. It may be psychological, poetic and stylized. For example, on the stage of "miss of green leaves for roots - Concert of Gu Jianfen's works", art design takes Abstract roots as the platform. With the branch and radial extension, the middle step as the actor's fulcrum. In addition to the lighting design of the scene dyeing. At the same time, the projection lamp is used to project different patterns on the scene. In addition, the computer light beam is inserted in the hollowed out area of the scene film, and the color, pattern, beam and scene film are organically integrated. Create a beautiful stage space of Meilun. It makes the scene more poetic and picturesque, implying the green leaves' yearning for the roots. It deeply shows the spiritual connotation of the program and resonates with the theme of the party. It is not difficult to imagine the tacit understanding and "good intentions" between the lighting and landscape designers of the party.