Lighting art revolution


At present, the most advanced network control systems mostly use more efficient TCP / IP network protocol than DMX for signal transmission. A TCP / IP signal line can integrate multiple DMX signals, which has the advantage of high-speed two-way transmission. The control information includes not only the loop information output from the console, but also the feedback information of the operation status of the dimmer and lamps, namely reporting. The lighting effect with strong modern flavor and infinite creativity generated by computer lighting is unmatched by traditional lighting.


1、 The application of computer technology produces the computer lamps and lighting computer control system, which brings the revolution of lighting equipment
With the development and production of modern microelectronic technology, computer application technology and mechanical electrical integration technology in lighting equipment. In the lighting equipment family, a new high-tech favorite, computer lamps and computer control system, was born. The professional lighting field has gradually entered the era of comprehensive digitization. Computer lamps include mirror reflective computer lamp, head shaking computer lamp, color changing lamp, computer tracking lamp, laser lamp and other lamps applying computer technology. These products are complex and precise in structure, and have various functions, such as shading, stroboscopic, adjusting focal length, aperture, changing color, graphics, and moving light beam smoothly in three-dimensional space. Some products also have the function of three primary colors' arbitrary color matching, and some products even have the function of three-dimensional imaging in the air, such as laser lamps. All these functions can be real-time controlled and programmed automatically through the console according to the needs of the program atmosphere. The fast response speed and high precision of computer lamps make the lighting have new intelligence and vitality.


2、 The application of computer lighting and computer control system brings the revolution of lighting control mode
Compared with traditional lamps, computer lamps have rich functions. Computer lamps and lanterns generally have about ten functions, and more than 30. Because each function needs a loop control, so usually a lamp needs about ten loops. At present, the number of computer lamps used in song and dance parties is less than dozens, but more than hundreds. In order to control these lamps, a large number of circuits are needed. This is just what the traditional simulation console can't do. Only the application of computer console can complete the task. First of all, there are many computer console output circuits (up to 2048, or even more), and the high-speed DMX512 data communication protocol is used for signal transmission, 512 channels can be transmitted with only one line, and some even adopt more efficient TCP / IP network communication protocol, which greatly improves the control efficiency.
Secondly, compared with analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology also has the advantages of memory, operation, programming and automatic execution. In the evening party, a large computer dimming station controls hundreds or thousands of lamps to cooperate with the program performance, and makes seamless lighting transformation on the stage, and each transformation may involve thousands of circuit control signal changes. In the face of such a complex and heavy task, it is impossible to carry out manual real-time control on the scene of the party. Such a complicated operation can only be realized by distributing the light in each scene of all programs before the performance, compiling the control information of the scene light distribution into several computer programs in advance, and then starting it on the spot during the formal performance, and automatically controlling it with manual intervention. In this case, the lighting control mode has changed from manual control to computer program control.
At present, there are many program control methods in computer console, including sub, effect, sequence, cue, chase, macro, group, shape, etc. thousands of light replay programs can be programmed, which can be used individually when performing, It can also be used in combination, especially the latter can create a variety of lighting effects. The high-performance computer program control enables the light to match the atmosphere of the evening party and the rhythm of the music immediately and accurately, so as to make the light alive, more intelligent in artistry, and enable the stage lighters to give full play to their intelligence and creative passion.


3、 The revolution of lamp, control system and lighting control mode, that is, the revolution of lighting technology, led to the revolution of lighting art
There is no doubt that lighting is an art, but the development of traditional lighting art in artistic aspect is greatly limited due to the restriction of lighting technology. As we know from the above, today's lighting technology is incomparable in the past. If the lighting in the past was in the era of bow, arrow and spear, then today's lighting is in the era of aircraft and rocket.
Contemporary lighting art has developed into an art form with the ability of self-expression. Traditional lighting only provides necessary illumination and color for the performance and highlight of specific objects. So the traditional lighting art must take other art forms as the carrier and serve for other art forms. On this basis, contemporary lighting art has the ability to perform independently. Computer lamps and lanterns are indispensable equipment in modern stage parties. The beam, color, pattern, graphics and their changes of computer lights constitute a unique artistic language of lighting. They can be directly displayed in three-dimensional space without relying on other artistic carriers, and can directly construct dance beauty without making scenery. As a result, the lighting itself becomes the object of art appreciation, no longer just as the artist's "pen" and "knife" and other tools. Therefore, in many modern large-scale song and dance parties, some have little or no dance beauty.
With modern and fashionable techniques, lighting artists create lighting art works by grasping and applying the color, temperature, light and shade, movement, direction and rhythm of light. On the basis that the basic light meets the necessary illumination and tone, the computer light composition and changes with the needs of programs and music: the light beam and pattern are bright or dark, or flashing or jumping, or flying up and down, or freezing; Color or warm or cold, or elegant or thick, or solidification or flow.